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Round Top Consulting Associates, LLC is a premier firm providing organizational enhancement services for a variety of companies.  It has a national focus and a client base consisting of private, non-profit, and government entities. Consulting activities include strategic planning, team-building, diversity leadership, and market research. 





Our mission is to provide the highest quality consulting activities to clients for improving organization operation and effectiveness.




Since 1990, we have facilitated and led organizations through change processes utilizing applied sociology and social science techniques.


We are a lightning rod for effectively addressing the impact of demographic change and cultural transition in the workplace.


The workplace is changing rapidly for many businesses and organizations. New and innovative techniques are needed for improving their ability to address social change as well as remain effective. Round Top Consulting Associates provides a variety of training and facilitation programs which enhance operation and performance within businesses and organizations.  



Round Top Consulting Associates

24123 Boerne Stage Road, Suite 119

San Antonio, Texas   78255

Telephone: 210-698-8099

Fax: 210-698-8073


Dr. Richard Lewis, Jr., Ph.D., President and Principal Consultant

Siri Bletzer, M.A., LMFT, LPC, Facilitator

Joanne Ford-Robertson, M.S., Senior Consultant

Dohnyka Dennard, Research Assistant

If you would like to contact us, please e-mail us through the link provided by clicking Dr. Richard Lewis, Jr.  You can contact us by telephone as well at 210-698-8099.  We look forward to hearing from you.

We Offer A Variety of Professional Services  



America's Challenge: Addressing Inclusion and Social Inequality. This unique presentation focuses on demographic and cultural change in the United States.  Social transformation is linked to the primary diversity dimensions of race/ethnicity, sex, age, and  social class. It provides a foundational approach for understanding societal change and its impact on the workforce and organizations.  Participants are challenged to develop ways to effectively plan for the impact of projected changes in American society.  


Generational Issues. This session focuses on how age differences impact leading and managing in complex organizations.  Age cohort influences on culture, work styles, professional orientation, and social etiquette is examined.  Generational issues that negatively affect organizations are identified and discussed.  Techniques and strategies that enhance the ability of leaders to successfully manage and motivate individuals from various age groups are presented. This workshop is available in a 4-hour interactive format.


Leading and Managing.  This presentation focuses on developing leaders within organizations.  An individual self assessment is completed utilizing an abbreviated version of the Myers-Briggs Personality Inventory.  Individual leadership and management skills are evaluated and a leadership grid is developed for session participants, determining leadership group strengths and weaknesses.  Team-building, goal setting, effective communication, and strategic planning are addressed with a focus on application within the organization.  The workshop explores organizational change and assessing the individualís ability for leading change initiatives.  


Effective Communication and Conflict Resolution.  This workshop emphasizes the keys to effective communication within organizations.  It explores techniques aimed at improving interpersonal and inter-group communication and reducing information transmission barriers.  Ways for recognizing conflict and resolving its negative impact on organizations are discussed.  The session is interactive and participants are very involved in the presentation.  It is 4 hours in duration.


Team Building. This 4-hour workshop involves developing self-directed teams in the company or organization. Emphasis is placed on creating situations that allow for the inter-group and inter-personal skills to link employees to organization goals. Group dynamics and how they influence successful completion of goals and objectives are stressed. Empowerment of employees to accomplish tasks and how to revise organizational structure to accommodate a changing work environment are key outcomes of the training.


Planning Facilitation. This is a comprehensive workshop that assists managers and directors to develop long-term organizational plans. This session is comprised of two phases; a strategic theme phase and a tactical phase.  The strategic theme phase involves creating an organizational vision with appropriate values followed by a mission statement. Participants then identify and prioritize strategic goals.  The tactical phase entails developing action steps, tasks for accomplishing actions steps, and performance measures for determining implementation success.  The end result is a strategic plan for guiding the organization through changes aimed at improving efficiency and effectiveness.  This is typically a full-day session with follow-up sessions.


Organizational Effectiveness and Change.  Facilitation of companies and organizations through leadership and structural change.  This approach usually involves a 3-6 month process of changing the organization's culture, succession planning, and developing leadership teams.  This is one of our most requested professional services

Analytics. We offer a wide range of sophisticated statistical analysis of demographic, social and, business information. The results can be used for making business and organizational structure decisions. Large business and United States Bureau of the Census databases are used in the analysis process.



Coaching. We offer professional coaching for managers and supervisors.  This facilitation consists of assisting leaders in enhancing their interpersonal and management skills in dealing with a variety of employees. This is accomplished through both face-to-face sessions with the coachee as well as regular communication through e-mails.  Coaching performance goals are established an evaluated over a 3-6 month timeframe.  An assessment of leadership improvement is conducted at the end of the coaching process.


Speaking Engagements. Dr. Richard Lewis, Jr. is available for a variety of speaking engagements including luncheon presentations, keynote speeches, motivational presentations, and banquet speeches.  Because of a strong demand, you should book these types of presentations 3-6 months in advance.

You can change the workplace climate, increase the professionalism of your staff, or get employees and managers to work more effectively together knowing that Round Top Consulting Associates will meticulously address your organization's needs.

Professional Biographies


Dr. Richard Lewis, Jr. , President, Round Top Consulting Associates

 Siri Bletzer, Workshop Facilitator, Round Top Consulting Associates



Round Top Consulting Activity and Professional Information


Business Activity Summary 2017. This is a summary of scheduled business activities for  2017.


Leadership New Braunfels Social Change Presentation.  Information related to the leadership class presentation is provided for you to use and share with others. The population and cultural transition presentation is the most requested speaking engagment subject area for Round Top Consulting Associates.

360-Evaluation Process. We now offer a 360-evaluation process for assessing position performance of senior level managers and leaders within organizations.  Richard. Lewis, Jr., Ph.D.  is a quantitative research sociologist and uses survey research techniques in creating evaluation instruments and providing comprehensive job performance analysis.  This type of assessment process is especially valuable for boards of directors and city councils  with respect to evaluating general managers and city managers.  A general outline of the process is provided for your information.


Leading Diversity In Organizations.  This article provides some ideas for enhancing efforts for effectively addressing diversity in companies and organizations. Leading diversity and transition are the most important issues facing organizations in contemporary American society.

Strategic Planning Processes.  This is a concise article which lays out the planning processes for moving organizations forward and positioning for the future.  We have facilitated more than thirty organizations through planning processes over the past five years.  This article summarizes our experiences in a format aimed at assisting organizations in effective long-term and short-term planning.    

Contact us through e-mail by clicking Dr. Richard Lewis, Jr.  You can also contact us by telephone at 210-698-8099.  


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